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What are the odds that my dad read my blog..yikes apparently my brother thought it was funny and showed it to him (Bubba has been ratting me out since i was 5!) but good news my dad thought it was funny and wanted to put ..his..journal? and also wants me to read it at his funeral ...fur sure dad...fur sure :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only my dad...

Only my dad would make a long trip to good ol Scipio property to cut down Christmas trees. And only my dad would find the ugliest tallest bush like shrub/tree cut it down and place it in our living for all so see. And only my dad would place outside multi colored lights VERTICALLY on that bush. And only my dad would not care that the neighbors can see it from the street because it is protruding from the wall out to the center of our living room. And only my dad would laugh and tell us "He wished we had more Christmas spirit" as me and sister Becca are crying in the corner of the room due to embarrassment and the gawking neighbors. And only my dad would buy the hands down ugliest outside wal-mart blow up Santa and reindeer to place on our front lawn? nope! the roof of course logically Santa would be placed on the roof ( no dramatization was used in the making of this post).And only my dad would not fuss if that Santa blew off the roof and the rope holding it down strangled it as it was hanging off the roof. And only my dad would smile and "Say i wish you had Christmas spirit" as me and my sister cried watching our last ounce of dignity/popularity be hung with the Santa and reighndeer.and only my dad would cut his thumb cutting Christmas trees this year and have to have surgery today so in honor of him and his thumb this post is for you dad for with out you I would have never learned popularity is not determined by what decor is on your roof. I would have never learned that real trees smell so much better than fake. I would have never learned that by cutting his thumb open aflack provided funds for Christmas :) (Thanks for taking that bullet).And I would have nothing to write about today. THANKS DAD! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008


Everyone from church has noticed, all my co-workers have noticed, the girls at the beauty supply have noticed, all extended family members have noticed even the Fed ex delivery man that comes to my office has noticed… so I am just going to put this out in the open so you don’t have to question anymore or quietly whisper your neighbor and stare at me for long periods of time (not that I mind that)…I am coming out with an official statement that yes in deed my hair has not grown 15 inches over night, and in fact I have got me some fake hair. And I know 100 questions just popped up in your head and your dying to separate my hair and take a good look into my luscious locks. So lets dispel some rumors : My hair is human hair real CLEAN hair , it is attached with little plastic beads clamped in, there are 100 stands clamped in, I can wash it dry it curl it everything they don’t hurt but they do get tangle-ee  these are the most common questions and my answers I am doing extensions now at my salon so any questions let me know also my little sister took the liberty to tell everyone at our extended family thanksgiving that I had fake hair before I got there , thanks Aly otherwise that would have been way awkward when they saw my long hair ;) -pictures and more forthcoming

Monday, November 10, 2008

"What to do?"

“What to do?” Was the question on my mind on Saturday afternoon as I pulled in my drive way,Watching my cute little nieces trying to rake up all the leaves to make a pile to jump in. And judging by their arm strength and lack of focus from Jocelyn it would take hours! I hadn’t taken a shower that day, I hadn’t cleaned my room, along with a million other things so “What to do?” Build a giant leaf pile or be behind on everything I was supposed to do that day? It only took a couple of steps to the front door for me to turn right back around and grab a rake.In that moment I realized this is what it’s all about! This is what it is to me a mom it means sacrificing a shower and the house work and taking those little miss matched cuties outside to make a leaf pile, because when all is said and done no one will remember that their moms hair was greasy or dinner was at 9 or that no one matched but they will remember the biggest leaf pile ever built and how it felt to jump into it for the first time. I always watch my sisters and am amazed by the things they do with their kids, zoo days probably once a week in the summer taking them all out to Christmas village in the winter. I get tired just watching them! And I always thought why go through all the effort??? But now I know …I know that one day spent making a leaf pile will be a memory that will last much more than one day. I haven’t done that for years and it brought a lot more joy and satisfaction than anything else I could have accomplished that day.

P.S. And yes once again my pictures are all formatted in a new post.. for some reason that is the only way it will post sorry:)


“What to do?” Was the question on my mind on Saturday afternoon as I pulled in my drive way watching my cute little nieces trying to rake up all the leaves to make a pile to jump in and judging by their arm strength and lack of focus from Jocelyn it would take hours! I hadn’t taken a shower that day I hadn’t cleaned my room along with a million other things so “What to do?” Build a giant leaf pile or be behind on everything I was supposed to do that day? It only took a couple of steps to the front door for me to turn right back around and grab a rake, and in that moment I realized this is what it’s all about! This is what it is to me a mom it means sacrificing a shower and the house work and taking those little miss matched cuties outside to make a leaf pile because when all is said and done no one will remember that their moms hair was greasy or dinner was at 9 or that no one matched but they will remember the biggest leaf pile ever built and how it felt to jump into it for the first time. I always watch my sisters and am amazed by the things they do with their kids zoo days probably once a week in the summer taking them all out to Christmas village in the winter I get tired just watching them! And I always thought why go through all the effort??? But now I know …I know that one day spent to making  a leaf pile will be a memory that will last much more than one day. I haven’t done that for years and it brought a lot more joy and satisfaction than anything else I could have accomplished that day.

Jocelyn Leafin it up

1! 2 !3! GO!



Sleep over before

Monday, November 3, 2008

Who do you think you are?
So anyone hear of the new Beyonce CD “I am Sasha Fierce” she apparently has renamed herself Sasha Fierce? What the? I only know of a few people who are cool enough to rename them selves Slim Shady and Miley Cyrus And usually it doesn’t stick .For example that one Seinfeld episode where George wants to be called T-bone and ends up being called KoKo the monkey, not cool. So if this Sasha fierce name doesn’t work out I wonder what people will call her….name stealer possibly??? So I was thinking since Beyonce has changed her name I could too... (because yes I am just that coo) I thought of a lot of really Fabulous names like…. Reba, Shan-ay-nay, Jacoyah, Steph-anie ( as in Gwen Stephanie) but they all don’t seem to fit for a white girl. But then I had a great Idea since Beyonce won’t be using her name anymore that is what I will use from now on. I would like to be called Beyonce Amy LaDean Hansen from now on. So I would appreciate it if you would call me buy my new self given name….I am Beyonce


"Nobodys perfect,I had to work it"

Halloween has come and gone :( i can't believe how quickly it came!This halloween was such a fun one.And yes i persuaded the male and my dream came true of being Hannah Montana & Billy Ray for Halloween! We glued in extensions to Bo's hair to make it the most life like lucious mullet you have ever seen.But getting those suckers out was a challengeand pretty sure he never wants to attempt Billy Ray agian.The mullet would have been nothing without the acid wash cut off jean jacket and cowboy boots:)and of course Billy Ray would be nothing without his smokin hot daughter Hannah Montana a.k.a Miley Cirus a.k.a Destiny Hope ( her real name!)a.k.a me.We were lovely together, and Halloween was so much fun! Also watcheed Strangers this weekend (edited) Holy crap was it scary Don't watch it at home when your all alone though :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Break Ma heart my ach-ee breakie heart!

Ok I need all you married woman’s help how do I persuade the male???
Conflict: Halloween costume
Solution: ?
So I had this ingénues idea for me and my Bo’s Halloween costumes… only the best idea eva! HANNA MONTANA & BILLY RAY! I love this idea only to bad for me cause Bo is not going for it , He was white trash last year and doesn’t want to be it again seeing how he is very much the opposite of white trash its going to be hard to persuade him…and also seeing how he hates Halloween and dressing up this is going to be really really hard. Any ideas? I showed him this picture and turns out this were not appealing to him at all???? Weird??? ha-ha


Friday, October 17, 2008

She’s 12!!!
I can’t believe it! My little sister which we call Bean is 12 wow! For her birthday we went to Wingers why? Because she had never been there and thought it was such a magical place. Which it turned out to be because she got her first cell phone and first American eagle brand clothes. I started to think back on little Miss Aly and how 12 short years ago she was born and how blissfully happy me and my sister Becca were. We so badly wanted a little sister we begged our parents to no end! But they always said that 7 kids were plenty and that they were done. Well SURPRISE!!! My mom went in for a check up because she wasn’t feeling right and they discovered a little bean was in the oven before they had announced this news me and my sister asked my dad if we could pray for another sibling and knowing my mom was already Prego my dad said sure. So we prayed day and night at every dinner “Please bless mom will be pregnant?” ha-ha and then on my 8th birthday I received one free gift certificate for a little sister redeemable October 16th 1995! Yay! You would have thought Becca and I had died and gone to heaven! My older sibling were slightly turned off seeing how they were in high school and that may not have been cool. But none the less they had Aly my mom 39 my dad 43! And I am so glad she completed our family as the 8th child! Being the only two left at home now I would have gone crazy just me and my parents! Aly is such a funny person she has this unique ability to write and say hilarious things one of our families favorites that we still say to each other to this day is “Fish it up pingee” she told that once to me when she was mad also some good lines of hers” I think my speed bumps are growing in” “my moms face is as soft as the fuzz on a peach” “What’s a pen….is?” (That’s one for you Michelle) “She was as soft as a wiener dog’s paw, and as light as a lamb.” “Oh ya will your hair isn’t even real!” (That one cut me deep) And many more that we still repeat to this day When she was Two or so she burnt both of her hands on a wood burning stove at my aunts house and had both of her hands wrapped for several weeks and when she got mad and she couldn’t scratch she would bite me and everyone else my mom was asked to not bring her back to nursery because she bit all the kids. Random things about Aly:
-she lost her front teeth at age 2
-The first song she learned was Brittany Spears “ Hit me baby one more time”
-she once got out of the tub and put a whole container of Vaseline on her head, her hair didn’t grow for a long time!
-Her favorite car is a purple mini van
- She is very loving and smart, and is a fast reader. She loves to play with our nieces and take care of them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funny things I have heard at work recently:

This blog will be dedicated to the fine women and men I work with .I should have started this along time ago with all the hilarious things I hear but I will continue to add…being at the front desk I hear all and know all to much probably, This may not be funny to anyone else though 
So my desk is right by the refrigerator and that is where the magic happens what else is there to keep you entertained all day at work than FOOD! And my work buys unlimited supplies of pop which everyone around here drinks but lately there has been a shortage and you would have thought we ran out of water or toilet paper, actually they would probably take running out of toilet paper rather than running out of pop! So lucky for them I go pick it up and when one of my co-workers discovers this she opens the fridge and says: (keep in mind there is a door separating us so I can only see half of this and she doesn’t know I am right there) in a hushed loving tone she whispers to her diet coke.. “awww…Nectar of the gods!” I laughed to myself  as she most likely caressed it like she had been handed her first born child, moral of the story “Absence makes the heart grow fonder!” hahahaha
2nd funny thing I have heard, someone asked me “ How’s it goin?” and I said “I’m hangin in there” and they said “ “In the south they say I’m hangin in there like a hair on a biscuit” and then they just walked away …what the? Gross or funny? :)

OK by request only am i posting this sucker:)And because only my sister Michelle finds great humor in my ridiculous life:) ok i really was just waiting for my friend to post pictures because you would get better visual but here it is:)

(Suicide Awareness Walk) (Ok really it’s called AFSP American Foundation Suicide Prevention)
Last Saturday me and my amigos did a walk for suicide awareness…why? I don’t know why it was kind of random… But we did. I had no idea there was such a walk for suicide Awareness??? So basically this walk consists of maybe 100 people walking 1 mile around 25th street so we sign in and get our sexy red t- shirts then we get to sit in hot plastic chairs in the hot hot sun as a suicide attempt-ee tells us his story of his trials and his victories to over come them. We have a moment of silence then suicide attempt-ee leads us in our 1 mile walk. Along the walk is people about every 25 steps with hand made poster of facts of suicide victims my favorite fact: “More woman attempt suicide but more men go through with it.” ( not actual words but I forgot the numbers) so pretty much women are failures all around we want to kill ourselves therefore failing at life and then we don’t complete it therefore failing once again. Ha-ha I guess props to men for actually completing something (in a sick twisted way) Any who we were rewarded for our torturous walk with warm water, granola bar, and life savers with a little AFSP flyer oh and I almost forgot a rubber orange bracelet. All in all it was good, we got a free t-shirt some sun a little exercise and good feeling all over knowing…?.....? Knowing…..? We walked….uh…not really sure how we helped people who are thinking about committing suicide??? And come to find out that suicide attempt-ee who gave the speech about turning his life around was put in Jail on Monday. SO not sure that walk did any good but make for a memorable Saturday and a good laugh

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wanted: one running car

Life is funny sometimes ins't it ...or should i say more ironic:) and i have been due for a trial life has been pretty chill... and this trial came in the foirm of my car! noted i just paid my car off about a month ago.So About a week or so ago my car over heated on the top of 20th street in an intersection and if you can believe it i have actullay had two other cars die in that exact magical place its almost like the car knows what would be the most miserable place for you to break down...Car: aaww yes! this will get her i will stop working on top of a steep hill in an intersection! and if that dosen't get her i will stop working right when the light turns green causing cars to back up down the hill and honk at her and people going around her will give her dirty stares and make her cry as she calls her dad panicking! mwahhaha!!:) so this story now takes on a book of mormon cycle where i am grateful prideful then humbled. So two lovely young men come to my rescue pushing me outta the intersection which = grateful. then i get a little prideful because they came to my rescue becuase of course i'm good looking jk but i was a little confident that my car would be just fine then i am struck down with humility when as i was being pushed through the intersection i see a truck coming right for me full speed and i really thought i'm going to die we are all going to die! the truck is going to hit me then my car is going to run over the other two lovelies!!! i actually considered jumping outta my car but there wasn't enough time!plus if i did i couldn't be on the front page of the news paper, no one gets recogintion and a purple heart for jumping out early:) my thoughts were inturuppted by the shouts of the lovelies saying "OH S#$&! OH S@%#!" and then a mircale happened! the car saw me and started to pound on its brakes making a screeching sound and swerving and barely missing us! and then i was humbled and thankful!i was pushed to safety i thanked the lovelies! and my awesome dad came and towed me away! my car was supposidly "fixed" but surprise again when i took it to go to SLC for a GNO and it started smoking through the vents green ooze exploded all over my hood! and i was yet again towed to home. the last week or so i have been in a humbling state as i have relied on the family junker cars to take me to and fro, one has no driver seat belt buckle so i have to buckle it to the passenger side and hold all of the gears in or else it will pop out it has no air conditioning and luck would have it it was 85 degrees ( and rising :) the radios don't work and they all have high pitched sounds coming from them, but life is still good! i'm alive! now after hearing this tragic story i hope you all will feel pity on me and help me find a new car:)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ok this is just random but how funny is this random facts:

Warnings :Jumping just before the elevator hits the bottom is not a viable alternative, as proved by the Mythbusters. Sure, when you jump you slow down, but when the elevator crashes you're a few feet in the air and still traveling very fast downwards, so by the time you hit the bottom you've picked up all the speed you lost through jumping. Wasted effort!

How to win a street fight....don't ask why i looked this up...:)
How to win a street fight: Call Chuck Norris and if he is not available these might help?:)

Warnings Fighting can cause injury or death, and land you in jail.
StepsBe aware of your environment. Aside from various objects that can be used as weapons and traps, knowing where to run is very important--especially when you're outnumbered. Use all of your senses fully. Don't just look around directly--use shadows and reflections to your advantage.
Err on the side of caution by assuming the following: Your opponent is a better fighter, and has backup; They have a blunt or edged weapon, such as brass knuckles or a knife; and you will be hit. Be ready to take a punch.
Walk away from the fight. Although perhaps obvious, the most sure-fire way to "win" in a street fight is to not fight one altogether. In the vast majority of cases, there will be some sort of warning before actual physical aggression occurs. If you can resolve a dispute without having to fight, do so. Don't let your ego get in the way of your safety. In a verbal dispute that has the potential to become violent, stay calm and take a firm but apologetic approach. Be neutral and non-confrontational. For instance, if a guy accuses you of looking at his girlfriend, you can just apologize and say that she looked like someone you used to know. He now has only two options:

Accept your apology, and maybe even apologize back. If this happens, all is well. Is it that hard to apologize to some jerk (even if you don't mean it) to avoid a fight? If the situation seems to be resolved, remember never to turn your back on the aggressor. It is wise to take 2-3 steps backward and then turn. Always be ready for a sucker punch.
I thought since i have been so helpful in the smoke detector situation i would keep providing helpful hints:) ....

Put your room keys and flashlight in your shoes before you go to bed. If you need to leave your room during a fire, you want to be sure to bring your keys and flashlight, and while you don't want to waste time dressing, shoes can make your escape easier. Keep them together, and hopefully you'll remember them. If your hotel has multiple keys for different doors, make sure you know which keys open which doors, and label them if necessary. Bring all keys with you if you have to leave your room, because you may not be able to exit some doors without them. You may also find that your room is the safest place to be, and you'll need your key to get back in.

Feel the door with the back of your hand. Don't open the door without first feeling it. The back of your hand is very sensitive to heat, and by using it you also won't risk burning your palm or finger tips. If the door or doorknob is hot, the fire is probably right outside. If that's the case, don't open the door. Even if the door isn't hot, get ready to slam the door quickly shut if you need to.

Stay in your room if the fire is in the hall blocking the exits, or if the hall is filled with heavy smoke. Even if flames are not present, thick smoke will kill you, so unless your room is on fire or also filled with heavy smoke, you're probably better off staying inside.

Fill the bathtub with water. Use an ice bucket, trashcan, or suitcase to throw water onto the door or any other hot surface or spot fire in the room. If you have a fire extinguisher in the room, or if you're able to safely get one from the hallway, keep it close at hand and be ready to use it.
Create a mask by wetting a towel or article of clothing and tying it around your nose and mouth. Remember, smoke inhalation is deadly, and most fire fatalities are caused by smoke or toxic gas inhalation. Do all you can to minimize the amount of smoke you're exposed to.

Count the doors to the exit, and stay on the same side of the hall as the exit. If you've planned your escape route when you checked in you should know how many doors you have to pass, and you'll be able to find the exit even if you can't see a thing.

Where's the fire

So yesterday morning i wake up to this loud screeking noise ringing through out the house about every 2 minutes!Come to find out it was our smoke detector i put up with this all morning until i couldn't take it anymore and had to do something about it! sooo.... i called for my mom to help me shut it off and when I say "help me" I mean I sat down the hall way in my room on the floor doing my hair. So my cute little mom is teetering on a chair on the top of the stairs trying to turn it off when she announces "ok I have turned it off!" 3 seconds later it beeps:) funny to me not funny to her she was so mad and didn't understand, if she took the batteries out why was is still beeping??? so being the helpful daughter I am I sat there and merely suggested she find the restart button and push it. She said there was no restart button so once again being helpful I laughed ...and told her about the episode of friends where pheobe can't turn off her smoke detector. Haha ha suprisingly this did not help the situation? but i was punished for not being more helpful because evrytime i went up or down my stairs it beeped right as i passed it! not my best!:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

SO we went to the movies the other night and as we were walking out we saw this sign and...This pretty much sums up the story of our lifes!:)Me Chris and Kellie have been known to be a friend stealer,Boy stealer,Center of attention stealer,thunder stealer,Stealer of good looks and charms,destiny stealer,puppy stealer...if you don't have a puppy we will buy you one for your birthday and then steal it from you.And most likely if you become our friend you will loose everything near and dear to you:) also we are fake...gotta love those friends who are still stuck in high school:) But through it all we have remained three best of friends! I love these girls!and there is no other girls i would rather be "wicked" with than with you two! mwahaha!!!
Ok so you all are probably thinking i don't know how to add a stupid picture at this point because all of my pictures are a post...well it's not me.For some reason i can't put more than one picture to a post and i can't get the pictures on any other way besides making a new post for each one:(


FlAsH BaCk!

Every year since I can remember my uncle Danny has invited our extended family to come swimming at his house. So this last Saturday was the day! It was so much fun playing with my nieces all day! As I watched them I realized how fearless they are. They were jumping off the diving board, and going down the slide head first without any hesitation. And I had a crazy flash back...THE SLLIDE DUN DUN DUN! Something I haven't thought about in a really long time. I have never had stitches or a broken bone but one injury I have had was on that slide. I remember I was about 6 or 7 when I got enough courage to go down the slide I was really terrified of it, and it took alot for me to climb those 13 metal steps to the top. As I peered over it I realized everything was a 1,000 miles away from me! AAHH! so being the chicken shiz that I am I decided to climb back down I don't really remember what happened but I fell off the top stair of the slide and hit my head really hard and my arm! I got to sport a blue sling for a week or so after. Due to the pain and embarrassment I experienced I decided I would never back down from an opportunity to go down the slide again ...literarily

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I usually try to control my rants to a minimum,but... this is ridiculous! I have ruined two pairs of flip flops recently and they were my only black ones! from what you ask??? Gum! stupid gum! this is the second time have stepped in gum while getting into my car in a parking lot!Crazy hot summer days, when I have not been paying attention and walced into a huge wad of melted stranger gum! yuck ! then I spend the next 15 minutes trying to scrap it off by practically doing the moon walk in the wal-mart parking lot looking like a foo! and I am way grossed out when it comes to other peoples gum who knows where that has been??? So next time you go to spit that gum out think twice!:) Or just think of me not matching because I have no more black flip flops:)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

PERU: I haven't been able to decide what to write about for my very first blog, after alot of hard thinking i decided to write about one of the most life changing experiences I have had,that is doing a humanitarian project in Peru.It all started in the spring of 2007 when I met my good friend Melissa at my singles ward we instantly became friends, which is funny because she was dating a boy I had just broken up with, but surprisingly we weren't enemies:) any who she had told me she was doing an internship in Peru for Eagle Condor and she would be living there for three months.Now this isn't out of the ordinary for my friend she is an amazing person who is very adventurous... so secretly I wanted to go to Peru too, but I knew I could not leave work and everything else for three months.As months past by I always had this idea of going to Peru in the back of my head and one night in August a couple of weeks before my friend was to leave I told her how I knew somehow I was supposed to go! but the problem was I couldn't find a way to stay for three months.And she told me " Oh Amy you can go!" there was an expedition leaving in November over Thanksgiving for two weeks! I was so excited! that night I put a deposit down on line and i was ready to go.Leading up to this trip was kinda funny I tried very hard to learn Spanish and failed miserably I learned some very key words and children's songs but that was it:) and then on August 18Th 2007 I got on the plane with with my suitcase and two humanitarian suitcases.I had never been on a plane before...well except for sky diving.. and it was so much fun! until....20 hrs later I was still flying ! I was so tired of sleeping in airports and my long legs squished!so I finally made it to Peru with 30 other people on this project I was the only one who did not have family with them :( but when i made it to Peru I met up with my friend Melissa! I was so happy to see her and she was so happy to see someone she knew! she introduced me to one of the project coordinators who pulled me in and kissed me on the cheek I realized really quick how loving the Peruvian people are.From there out every native I met hugged me and kissed me something very shocking..especially because I'm not a touchy person. After getting settled in me and Melissa went touring! There is way to much to write about all of the things I did but some of the highlights were.. Machu pichu! which was amazing, I got to climb a mtn. right behind it called wanna pichu that is on the top climbers list and you have to sign your name on a paper just in case you fall off and die they know what to put on you head stone (no lie:) missionaries aren't allowed to climb it because so many people have fallen off and died! we went to caves,the temple,lama farms, the black market! anything you could ever want and more just in a cheaper version and stolen probably:) ancient ruins, and one other highlight was the sunflower orphanage where we got to hand out presents and candy to these adorable little kids who had been picked up off the streets by the police.They told us that these children were parent less and either been selling things off the streets or selling themselves:( but they were all beautiful ,and the amazing thing about this orpahange is that it was run by the church so all of the children knew the primary songs and sang them to us.They said there goal is to get all of the boys who come through there on a mission, and overall to help each child realize they are a child of god. After all the touring and eating of crazy food.It was time for work we spent the next week and 1/2 hand nailing walls together for 4 sided houses we would be setting up for the earthquake victims, it was so humbling to see the devastation of these families of 15 people sleeping in a tent made for 5 people and what little they had and been working for their whole life's was gone.And the joy we saw in their faces when they had a house with walls and a roof! I think had forgotten how good it feels to do service. We got to play with all of the children and i so wanted to adopt them! there was one little boy named Anderson who actually was up for adoption he was 3 years old and i met him at church, he was on the stand and for some reason kept winking at me and raising his eyebrows at me, towards the end of sacrament everyone knew what was going on, and when it was over he came running down the stairs and put his hands on my cheeks and just stared at me and then hugged me.I will never forget those big brown eyes and those cute little arms wrapped around my neck!every minute i was there I realized how good i actually have it i will never take for granted what I have again! I had many more amazing many to write!but not only did I have amazing experiences in Peru I discovered if I put my mind to something I can do it nothing is impossible, once i realized this, I went to my first semester of college that spring something i thought i could never do:)

Today I have posted my first pictures and blog! yay!there is so much to tell so i will give an overall description of me to start off with:
I like: running, waking up early, reading,mid night four-wheeling,listening to music, volleyball,early morning summer runs,fresh cut hair, fruit,fruit snacks the color red and aqua,zeppe's, gerber daisies,down comforters, taking random pictures, getting letters,shoes! shopping ,flip flops late night talks,surprises, birthdays, sprinklers, grapefruit spoons, being spontaneous, sleepovers, water fights, underwear, stars, waterskiing,wake boarding, friends,fireworks watermelon, tanlines,late nights with my neices,being with my family,baby turtles,4th of July,Christmas,outdoor swimming pools,hot tubs,scuba diving, singing loud in the car, prom dresses and weddings,eyes, old school disney movies (on VHS), going for walks, basically not having anywhere that you HAVE to be,rock climbing, chocolate hide and seek, night games cuddling,satin lips,not wearing shoes,back tickles , holding hands, first kisses,and i love you's,fresh snow, roasting marshmellows,soreness from working out really hard, finding money in your pocket, gift cards,meeting new people,seeing old friends,Laundry right out of the dryer,cleaning, throwing stuff away,naps on Sunday,brushing my teeth,accomplishing things i never thought i could do!traveling to somewhere new, driving, dancing when no one is watching of course:)learning, treats in sunday school,games!Lake powell, Cruises,Laughing so hard your abs hurt,glow sticks,online shopping,quotes,happy people, mud volleyball, sunsets,river rafting, babies,air high fives,good smelling boys, jump rope,80's hair, remebering something you were going to say,Finding that dang other shoe you have been looking for for weeks! sneezing,getting to tell a joke no one has heard yet! driv-ins, pay checks,sky diving ,tandum bikes,the ocean,the smell oranges and lemons,paddle boats, the return of missionaries,finishing a race,useless facts, sunglasses, fanny packs!:)

Seconhand serenade

Secondhand serenade Concert