Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Good day! No sugar and no peanut butter eggs eaten (eggs were offerd all day by a student... ah no thanks!)today was busy like everyday, I wish there were more hours in the day I feel like every day is a blur and before you know it a month has gone by ah! Today was a good day though a run 3 miles at ten at night and then sprint one more to the beats of Lilly allen just because it feels good to push your body.A good day where a parent thanks you for "All you do , and making their child love coming to class." A stay late at work, visit teach , watch 5 lectures and conquer two study reviews good day. And lastely It's a shake yo money maker not on the stage of your own dance recital, but in the isle good day . enjoy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I feel a little more lax with my non sugar this week... like granola cereal for example I eat it as a snack here and there and yougurt I need to tighten up that slack and get back on it! but in other news!!! I fit into a pair of old jeans that were more than snug, Im still not weighing myself but it feels good to have these babies wrapped a little loosly around my thighs ;) oh and I wouldn't mind having this adorable dress wrapped around me either! If I haven't expressed it enough let me do so one more time I heart shabby apple!

p.s. My birthday is in June;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day TWELVE (ha)

I know! I pretty much took the weekend off, I worked all saturday -day and then came back home to Provo stayed up waaay to late and then hit the ground runnin sunday! sunday is by far my busiest day of the week! but one of the best days as well. Sugar -still strong- scriptures-been doing better than expected! I just need to make it through finals and life will be sweet! just a little picture that basically sums up this semester

yep thats my giant white board calendar and yep it is a month behind and its almost April! don't worry I just updated it, but thats how I have been feeling lately not enough time for anything not even to update myself ha! In other random news I have a huge stress in my life (besides a battle with sugar ) Patt Neff

my turtle. yep my 50 cent piece size turtle who plays dead all the time I constantly worry about this turtle dying I always find him floating on his back in the morning stiff as a board worry about him all day to come home to him basking in the heat lamp like nothing ever happened! I strongly dislike animals Patt was a christmas gift from a friend and I honestly thought I would hate it but... I don't know why but I have seriously never cared for a dumb animal like I do for Patt ha ! and it stresses me out! I make sure he is feed has his heat lamp and clean water all the time I worry if he is lonely.... yikes I gotta get out :) the pictures above are of Patt trying to get as much sun as possible and the other of him doing yoga a rare but priceless thing :)

Friday, March 25, 2011


Seems like nothing to not give in ...its getting easier!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Do you want the good news or bad news first ???....good ok. Good news: I will be getting my scripts tomorrow ! Bad news: I had a taste of satans syrup (A.K.A. sugar) before you get all sorts of dissapointed in me let me explain! I was in charge of enrichment this month and had the awesome idea to have the bishopbric teach us how to make dutch oven everything was great! great turn out ! great food! everything was perf. until dessert time pecan peach cobble and raspberry with vanilla ice cream ahhhh! it looked so good but I was going to stick with my 21 days everyone was on my case to try it!! I tried to decline but it had to be done so I tasted it and oh it was gooood! but oh how I felt like a failure that dumb peer pressure could make me cave! contrary to popular belief I am not an attention seeker and I hate when the attention is directed on me ...without me seeking it:) so frankly to deal with the deep down embarrassment of everyone looking at me and egging me on to try it .. I simply did... but now I feel like crap and will not falter again so there is my downfall on day 8 almost half way there. Am I dissapointed? ya Will I keep tryin? youbetcha!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Nothing tooooo exciting I didn't really notice temptations today??? maybe because work was super busy or maybe I'm not as addicted who knows? but bad news bears I cannot find my scriptures! I think I lost them at church in one of my many meetings with one of my many bags, and the lost and found is in a different bldg. on BYU campus that I couldn't find until today I finally found it and it had just closed! so my scripture study has not been as dillegent from, You don't notice how much you use them or miss them until their gone.....which reminds me that Bec leaves tomorrow for 6 weeks! I will miss her lots I don't get to see her as much now that I'm in Provo but she truley is my best friend I call her more than anyone, I laugh more with her, I tell alll my secrets to her, I cry with her,and I will miss all of that and more for 6 weeks! " You don't notice how much you miss them until there gone"

Monday, March 21, 2011


Sugar free candy today ....cheater I know!!! but I caved but don't you worry I resisted alot alot today!
-Raspberry Lemonade
-fast break
-in and out shake
-chocolate frosting
-farrs freash ice cream
Ah! It makes me feel good seeing all the things I did not eat and could of but today, this week was not easy but i'm learning to be in the habit of just saying no!
and to retrain my thinking I don't need that stuff and I feel way better without it!


Today was a toughy!!! for my 8 am meeting thr stake RS presidency made breakfast with huge homemade cinnamon rolls! my favorite! but i didnt cave. then I had left over cupcakes staring me back in the face! I threw them away so I wouldn't be tempted then our ward hosted a root beer float party! and I was seriously close to caving my throat has been hurting too so I wanted one way bad but I didn't! hard day but I feel so accomplished I didn't workout over the weekend so I'm excited to see if my running time is faster ...who knows maybe that sugar weighs me down.... or maybe its all in my head

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today was harder being home is always harder because there is non stop candy and treats everywhere which I usually love but I had to resist here are a few things I resisted:
-Better than sex cake
-bunt cake
-Chocolate bunnies
and lastely sweet cream from pizza factory I la la love that stuff! and I was so close to eating it then remembered my committment its hard to break habits especially bad ones but little by little I can do this and sadly I would have eaten or atleast tasted a piece of all of the above! my body already feels better and not as tired.....It was a good day :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today I had to resist:
-Frozen yougurt run
-watermelon sour patchs
I did have one sugar free cookie I feel like it was a pretty good day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Phew made it one day! 20 more to go it was hard but livable a few things that I gave up today:
-M&M Cookies
-Fruit snacks
-Teddy Grams
-Wedding cake
-Cup Cakes
and when I say cupcakes I mean I made 80 chocolate cupcakes with mint chocolate chips and fudge frosting for the whole relief society and not once did I likck my fingers ! so there is the recao for day one and a few photos

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

21 days...

It takes 21 days to form a habit ….false
It takes 21 days to break a habit…… also false.
According to it takes however long you need for yourself individually to break that habit. Lucky for me I don’t trust the internet and am still going to believe that you can break or form any habit within 21 days. Why all this 21 day stuff well lemme tell you. I don’t like to get to personal on my blog as you may have noticed and frank-ly I hate when people post about weight or going to the gym! Quit telling just starts doing! But we all have our flaws and sugar is mine! I like it…I love it… I can’t get enough of it! Seriously if there was a sugarholic anonymous I would be the first one to be standing up in front of my group therapy sesh. Telling all about my addiction. But back to my point I really don’t care to loose the weight … I mean sure I would love to drop a few LB’s but I just want to break this horrible habit and I figured if I post this and document each day I will commit to so here is the deal for 21 days no sugar like no treats or desserts basically and for 21 days I will read my scriptures consistently a better me will hopefully emerge on April 6th ! Not to mention I am running a few heafty races this spring and summer and need to kick that naaasty habit so feel free to join in …or just observe wish me luck!