Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I feel a little more lax with my non sugar this week... like granola cereal for example I eat it as a snack here and there and yougurt I need to tighten up that slack and get back on it! but in other news!!! I fit into a pair of old jeans that were more than snug, Im still not weighing myself but it feels good to have these babies wrapped a little loosly around my thighs ;) oh and I wouldn't mind having this adorable dress wrapped around me either! If I haven't expressed it enough let me do so one more time I heart shabby apple!

p.s. My birthday is in June;)

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  1. I just grew out of one of my fav. pair of jeans. Eric tried to convince me it was because I had just dried them, but I know better. I have been exercising, but I know my daily handful of chocolate chips isn't condusive to being skinny. CURSE THESE MEMMOTT GENES! and jeans. Way to go girl, I'm inspired.