Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


He told me to open up the paper and on the other side it said "Be my valentine" not funny :) my heart calmed down a bit and then we had our candle lit dinner with his sister and her boyfriend little awkward but still fun! Drew made manacotti and it was so delicious! and volcano cakes! he is an amazing cook! then we watched phantom of the opera(which i had never seen) It was for sure my most memorable valentines day :) THANKS BO!

P.S. Please people if i were engaged my rock would be alot bigger than that:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Will You.....

Valentines night Bo picked me up around 5 and drove me to his house he wouldn't tell me what we were doing! ...So we walk into his house and there are flowers and a sign that says will you... my heart stopped and then it started beating really really fast!And I may have peed my pants just a little... I about died I didn't know what to say except "Thats not funny."He didn't say anything either he just smiled!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is she HOTT or what?

Ok my sister Becca is a babe! she is 23 years, super model skinny and tall with green eyes ,lucious long hair a registered nurse.(what more could you ask for)She likes long walks on the beach and romantical dinners...ok i don't think she would be into that but i do know she would kill me if she knew i was posting this lucky for me she doesn't have the time to blog/blogstock all night! mwahahah :) but seriously she is one of my best friends and i love her to pieces...and if you feel inspired to share these photos whith some TALL handsome young man who likes rock climbing skiing boating or anything adventurous please feel free ;)

25 Random things about me

I was tagged to do this on face book and thought it would be fun to do it here.

1. I get queasy when people talk about blood, veins a cut or anything. I have a very weak stomach, I cry every time I get my blood drawn. If someone were to talk about how they cut their finger I would hold my finger I react to whatever they are talking about as if it is hurting me.
2. I have zero aim and coordination I couldn’t shoot a basketball and make it in the hoop if I wanted too! I can not keep a beat either.
3. I have secretly always wanted to be a dance teacher but once again I have no rhythm.
4. I have been skydiving, and loved it! And would do it again, but not bungee jumping.
5. I turn red when I am embarrassed or flustered, and hate it!
6. I like to be loved and love others, I feel loved through touch (such at hugs and back tickles and holding hands )
7. I wish I was a better friend and more outgoing.
8. I was an SBO in middle school and at the OWATC
9. I can crochet and like too but can’t find time to do it, I am currently trying to learn to sew.
10. My dream job would be to serve people all day in an orphanage or another country I would love it!
11. I love time with family, and I love kids and especially babies!
12. I love shopping and fashion.
13. I sweat when I do hair because I’m so intense and passionate about it ( sorry I know its gross)
14. I don’t like jumping on the tramp it feels like my brain is being bounced out of place
15. I have a hard time getting along with people who are not funny or who do not understand my sense of humor.
16. I have a bad habit of judging people and gossiping … I find the people I judge the most when I first meet them end up being the coolest people and some of my best friends
17. I just learned about a week ago that boys don’t use toilet paper after pee…which brings me to... I am very naïve 
18. I have very fair skin and freckles like a red head… and sometimes a temper like a red head too.
19. For some reason I can do my laundry but cannot take it back upstairs to my room, or take my shoes up I leave them at the bottom of the stairs I don’t know why but it is the hardest thing for me I will even walk up the stairs and past them several times and still not pick them up.
20. Bleach is my favorite smell because it is clean!
21. I listen to music all the time and I sing really loud to it in the car and sometimes dance…not gonna lie 
22. I hate contention it makes me have anxiety and I feel sick to my stomach when other people fight or even argue.
23. I am terrible at making decisions my biggest fear is that I will make the wrong decision when it comes to careers, marriage or anything else. I will order a salad with three different dressings on the side just because I don’t want to make a wrong decision.
24. When I write I get really close to the paper, I guess another thing I am intense about.
25. Sunday is my favorite day of the week because it’s my only day off and I get to go to church I love church!