Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cuts For Cami


Two weeks ago my sister Michelle posted a fundraiser on her facebook for a little girl in her preschool who was diagnosed with Leukemia. The fundraiser was to have hair stylists cut hair and have those people donate to Cami and her family. That night I read Cami’s blog my heart was breaking for this family I knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of so that morning I rescheduled all my Saturday appointments and went to salt lake to cut hair. When I got there I was amazed at the energy and love that filled that building cute little Camii was selling treats and drinks at the front desk I didn’t have time to take it all in The moment I stepped in that building they put me to work . They sent me up to the kids cut room and told me that 6 girls from Cookie Cutters would be there soon .wrong.
Those dang cookie cutters never showed up! I was nonstop cutting hair from 1-6:30. I was not mad that I had to cut hair but I was mad that cookie cutters made a commitment to a charity and then bailed out! Who does that??? Anyways cutting hair was a blast they were short staffed so it was nonstop choppin I got to meet awesome people and hear their stories of Cami and how they knew her some found her blog and came, others through a friend of a friend it was amazing! At one point they had us all come downstairs to watch Cami Buzz her dads hair and then her dad buzz her hair. I don’t know this family I never officially met them but
I felt for them I felt Cami’s mom sadness as she watched her only little girl shave her heard. I cried and cried and even thinking about it now makes me teary I looked around the room and saw other teary eyes and saw the love that all these people had for this little girl it almost felt like a sacred experience. I was so glad to have the opportunity to be a part of it. Cami’s mom Chelsea is a brave woman I don’t think I could survive something like that but they are incredible people and push though! If you want to laugh, cry or send a donation just click here



I can feel it. It’s getting colder. I can see it. Green is leaving. The pool is closed the parades are over the stores smell of plastic backpacks crayon boxes and newly sharpened pencils. FALL IS CREEPING IN. No not yet! It feels like summer just began I need more days at the pool more adventures on rope swings more sleeping in and afternoon hikes I need one more bonfire up the canyon one more late night sleepover one more bbq one more outside game night one more long boarding trip one more star gazing night. Not yet fall I’m not done with summer. Summer 2010 has been an unforgettable one. I have met so many people and have never had so much fun I even have friends that are girls…me Amy kept more than one friend that is a girl …impossible usually I’m a strong bug repellant for girls not this summer! I can’t believe it was a summer I almost missed I was so scared to move up here the first three night I cried myself to sleep I felt so alone ..It was so different I knew no one; I had no idea how to find my way around Provo now 5 months later I can’t imagine my life any other way. I have learned so much in this short summer time I learned to be happy, when people refer to Provo as Happy Valley it is true, everyone is so happy here! Not a fake happy but these people are legitimately happy. Not to say that Provo is not strange though the first week I was here I saw people walking while reading scriptures or even riding their bike and reading scripts. Really? Yes really. Every day this summer I wake up to the smell of tanning lotion from Seven Peaks I open my blinds see the Y and the pretty mountains 15 feet away I head straight to the pool .then I drive by a hundred or so boys dressed in white shirts with name tags on my way to work, teach something I love for a couple hours then head back to a party every night. I have fallen in love with Provo and Provo in the summer has proven to be awesome! Fall is creeping and I have to let summer go! Like all good things it must come to an end but if Provo in the fall is anything like Provo in the summer sign me up!