Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have been driving a lot. A LOT from Provo to O-town I accidentally erased all the music on my I-pod, have already listened to every CD I own a trillion times and I am terribly sick of the radio and that repetitive song by T- Swift .. You know the one that starts out aot-ah –ah ! Oh wait they all start like that ;) anyways I decided I would count my blessings for a straight hour and a half. That seemed like an extremely long time, but wow am I blessed just to name a few… hundred:
My family My job The gospel My awesome roommates-Seriously so lucky !My friends A Car My health Money Food I can Read I can Walk I can taste I have a voice I GET to go to college Warm shower Freedom Beautiful Mountains I can see I can hear I can work have a bed I have shoes I have clothes I have never gone hungry I get to travel I have people who love and care for meI have a living prophet to guide meI have hair(some) I get to actually do something I like for a livingI have never broken a bone or had stitches I have never had to go to war everyone I have never been robbed I get to experience 4 seasons I get to live in a place where people believe in the same things I do I have a dad who holds the priesthood I can walk to the temple and church a clientele awesome extended family great examples I can drive I can swim I don’t have depression I don’t have cancer .
These are just a few! My goodness I am so blessed! My life is more than peachy and I have a loving heavenly father to thank for that. Today being thanksgiving has made me realize all I have and to remember to be thankful for that. Today we stopped at Wal-mart before heading up to our cabin (another thing I am blessed to have) and a man approached my dad for money , usually we would suspect that crazy men in Wal-mart parking lot are scammers, but my dad did not assume that instead he pulled a $20 bill from his wallet and gave it to him. I was shocked and said “Dad! You gave him a 20!” My dad said “Be thankful he wasn’t robbing us or anyone else instead he was simply asking for help, and it is up to him to take what I gave him and do right” I was only thinking of money sadly and not what might be happening in his life. We are always better off than we think we are. Sometimes I think my life is so hard and when I think these things I read these blogs:
And I realized how very blessed I am I hope you all remember how blessed you are today! Life is great enjoy every minute you have!

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Blog!

I have started a new blog! I have so many things to write about my job that I wanted a seperate blog so that this one wouldn't be cluttered with my adventures at hair school :) if you would like an ivite send me your e-mail!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Can't help it!

I la la la loooove christmas! I can't help it! we only get 3 short weeks to enjoy and then it's gone! so I am starting early ad will not quit! I hope this gets you in the (early) christmas spirit :)