Thursday, May 28, 2009

"JJJJJ J-ust Dance"

How cute are these girls?! I love seeing these girls bust a move. Plain City dance recital will never be the same. For months we have seen them show off the latest dance moves from: “Jump Jump Shake your boo-tae" to the footloose original "Please Wool-ees pull me up from my Knees" and it all paid off they did an awesome job and even threw in some spice of their own. Aly and I gave them each a bag of gummy life savers and a note that said GREAT JOB! We walked from the gym to the library a mere 30 feet, by the time we got to the library Joce had eaten the whole bag of gummy lifesavers, apparently if you don't eat them all you have to share with others. (smart girl)


I had to perform one of the hardest haircuts I have ever had to do yesterday.For five years my cousin Spencer has not brushed,combed or detangled his mane!He called me yesterday and said he was joining the army and needed to cut the fro.Secretly I was thrilled I have been waiting 5 long years to snip those locks.He had started in the morning picking it out and this is how far her got by 7 at night.

Five braids,one pony tail and a whole bag of hair later the finished product...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How does this happen to one ?????????

..With out one even knowing? How old am 5?


I don't know if it's me or yaz(birthcontrol) but i've been slightly crazy lately and i'm not sure why and poor Bo has to handle it all the time.One particular day i was really losing it, the kind of crazy that if you think of something sad you start tearing up imediately or the kind of crazy that if someone tells you the printer is broke one more time your going to bust a cap on someone, the kind of crazy where your not really loving your body or the clothes that don't fit it;)ya that kind of crazy ...and cute Bo brought me flowers to the salon!It made me feel normal for a minute ;)it was so cute and so thoughtful! Thanks Bo!i got them last week so they are a little wilted but still lovely :)

p.s. if your wondering about the yaz its not to prevent getting pregnant but to prevent my skin from freaking out FYI

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby handful

There is a place I have to confess I have not been to in ages and that place is called the..... Dentist yikes! I signed up with a new brown eyed brown haired penny loafer wearing BYU gradate and unfortunately he was not the bearer of good news. This news came after a hard core gum bleedin cleaning and some insults about not flossing very well compliments of his assistant ( I didn't like her very much .... until i saw that she had some amazing brown and orange puma sneakers on ,which made me like her more mostly for her taste in shoes) then the penny loafer man came in to ruin my life by pressing that metal poky thing to my teeth and telling me “when it sticks to your teeth that means there was a cavity there”... dang that poky thing was sticking Like bare skin to leather seats on a hot day . He proceeded to tell me that I have a handful of cavities that need to be taken care. What the? A handful? Are we talking a baby hand or an LP hand? Or like a baseball mitt hand? I think I will go with baby hand it makes me feel better. I opted to not do the bubblegum (gag) fluoride and take my 3rd X-ray (apparently my mouth is narrow and they could not get a good shot of my rotten teeth) I left in shame with my travel size toothpaste a new toothbrush and floss...floss....floss... in hand. But not before my insurance was denied due to the fact that Mark (That’s what I call my dad when I’m angry) had switched insurances and did not inform me. So once I worked that out I was really done and ready to head back to work only 25 minutes late. I almost forgot I got a prescription yep that’s right prescription toothpaste to help prevent cavities.... it's probably the children’s blue kind with sparkles that cause blue streaks to show on your teeth, where you really need to brush. “It’s best if you develop good brushing habits as a child…that way you don’t have to pay for it later.” –Dental assistant with puma shoes …Thanks again for not teaching me proper brushing Mark. ;)