Monday, May 17, 2010

Home run

A guy in our ward told a story about his younger brother Dallin, it was such a touching story and I couldm’t stop thinking about it all Sunday . I am going to share it here I hope I can express the story the way I heard it.
The guy in my ward told of his younger brother who was born with cerebral palsy . At a young age it was predicted that he would not live long and if he did he would be in a wheel chair and never mentally develop or be able to speak. He was a miracle childand his name was Dallin. Dallin exceeded everones expectations with first one word and then full sentences, one step then walking. He was slow but able. He had older brothers who were all very good athletes,
He wanted to be just like them . There was no league for special needs baseball in St. George so with concern his parents signed him up for regular baseball at age 9. The whole season Dalin did not have one home run, in fact he had not even made it to first base. When it came to the final play off games his family decided they would take Dallin out of the game to give his team a chance to win. The coach refused to sit Dallin out for the games , he was a part of the team and would remain a part of the team and finish out the season. The final game came with anticipation and lots of prayers from his family. They watched Dalin get up to bat, knowing that there would be no way he could make it to first base without being tagged because, his batting was always a bunt. Dallin got up to the plate he hit the ball. It was a bunt as expected , the crowd cheered “Run Dallin Run!” knowing he would never make it to that first base. By the time he could reach first base the pitcher could beat him there and tag him. The bunt rolled straight to the pitchers feet . He picked it up he looked at it. And shockingly he threw it as hard as he could to left field no one went after the ball. Dallin shuffled (because of leg braces) to the first base.First time ever reaching first base. Everyone was in awe. The next boy up to bat was an unbelievable hitter he later would play pro. He hit the ball all the way to the fence and ran as fast as he could to first base. He met Dallin at first base and walked him half running half shuffling to second base. The same thing happened again the boy in left field picked up the ball looked at it and then threw it as hard as he could to the other side of the f ield. Dallin and the boy shuffled to third base and then to home. When Dallin reached home base he threw his hands in the air and began to cry he had finally made it home. There was not a dry eye in the crowd. Later when Dallin’s coach asked the other teams coach why he let them score he said he had nothing to do with it he had no idea his boys were planning on doing that. When the coach asked the boys why they did it in their 9 yr old wisdom they said “Because Dallin is our friend , and we wanted to see him be happy.” – No one remebered the score of the baseball game that day but they will always remember what those 9 year old boys did for Dallin.
His talk was on reaching out and helping someone he said that is a group of 9 yr. old boys could make this act of kindness happen surely a ward of returned missionaries and sisters could make things happen. Just so happened that I was called to be on the service committee that day. I’m excited we are volenteering in the special olympics and have a whole summer of service I can’t wait!