Sunday, February 27, 2011

A whole lotta This....

Howdy! I know right your wondering who are you ? And surprise it’s me Amy the owner of this blog, and yes your right it has been sometime since my little fingers have typed a note or two specifically to this blog , they have been too busy typing college term papers, filling out endorsements for B
YU young single adults and let be honest…facebooking  But I’m back and going to try to keep writing on this blog because I do not keep a journal haven’t since the 5th grade when my boy friend Corey Tubbs (real name) dumped me because I wouldn’t give him my gigapet (true story) so this is it ladies and gents. This is going to be a whole lotta Amy information so if you don’t care to read I suggest to click that little X in the top right hand corner. Soooo I actually wrote a post about the new years and it had pictures and a lot of great stuff unfortunately my computer has some virus …something about uploading to may JB pics. And it won’t let me load the pictures so this post is picturless  but I am going to post that new year’s post and continue on so without further ado…
What has happened in 2010…
Actuallly it is what hasn’t happened in 2010 ! I feel like my life has been a whirl wind of change this year …a good change… a needed change… a growing change… If you would of told me the things that would happen to me this year at this same time last year I would have laughed right in your face! And I would probably do the same thing next year I am sooo ready for 2011 another year to start again . I love Christmas it is my favorite holiday (right next to 4th of July ) But there is something magical about New years a time to make goals and for some of us accomplish them a time to fill out new calendars with parties and appointments and birthdays a time to start again. I never make New Years resolutions because frankly who keeps to those goals anyways I simple hope for a better me and hopefully Dec. 31 2011 at 12:00 I will not be disappointed .Just a few of the events that took place this year that I thought would never come to pass.
Started Feb. off with a much needed trip to Costa Rica! With amazing people and the most amazing sights I have ever seen! Endless pineapple, snorkeling trips, volcanoes, waterfalls , cocunuts, ziplines , breath taking beaches and a long awesome lay over in Texas and so much more!
Saved up $10,000 and bought this baby( incert my Honda accord pic) in cash! Ok well almost she will be paid off in less than a month
Went to New York in March and would go back in a heart beat! Saw phantom of the opera!AAMMAAZING (sung in an opera voice) had lots of frozen hot chocolate and NY pizza went to empire state bldg. coney island, time square went to the Plaza met up with a foreign exchange student that lived with us when I was 8 showed us around the plaza and even the room Lady Gaga was staying in! Then went to the museums and central park and had way too much fun!
Moved to Provo in April! Loved it and love it! Made some best friends and a BEST friend 
Got to be a brides maid in one of my favorite people’s wedding, Angie was the most beautiful bride ever and her wedding seriously should have been on Sweet 16 MTV style , it was a blast!
Had another good year at Powell!
Went to Disney land in November met Mickey for the first time and rode basically every ride! Had so much fun thanks Kel! Love ya!
This year flew by with a flurry of fun experiences ! And last but not least got called to be RS president in December and frankly my life has not been the same

Remember that post of me somewhat whinning about break the fast well shoot I was humbled real quick when I was called to be in this position ! I was and still am so overwhelmed, But at the same time I have learned so much and have had such amazing experiences. I have never felt such a sense of responsibility and love for the girls I am over , I have been inspired, I have been spiritual exhausted , I have been tired beyond comphension, I have been challenged, I have been more organized than I have ever been, I have conducted meetings, Signed food orders, organized activities, made dinners, made more cookies than I have ever in my life, I have visited 60 girls , I have loved more than I ever had, I’ve made 60 new friends, I have laughed harder and cried more, spoken numerous times in church, given lessons, had church meetings from 8am to 6pm , prayed.l more, studied more, read more, pondered more, fasted more, bore testimony more, taught more, learned more, and all of the above! I have loved this calling I have loved being a leader for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints It has been a huge blessing in my life. But don’t get me wrong it has been challenging I feel guilty 24/7 for always thinking I could do more , I have learned how vital every calling is, if one person does not do there calling the whole tower tumbles I sorta know what it feels like to be a boss and how crazy frustrating it is when your employees don’t follow through , the responsibility falls back on you, but also how good it can be when they do follow through. My life is a whirlwind but a good kind I feel like my head is going to explode with 2 jobs online school and work , I keep waiting for life to slow down my weeks are jam packed with meetings and activities and homework and….life but I would much rather be busy!
So there’s the run down I have one more credit for my associate a music class this summer blah! I am teaching days at Marinello and currently am loving it , still working two days a week at the salon and wishing I could work more, Life is soooo good 

Monday, February 21, 2011