Thursday, June 10, 2010

So scary! Whats even worse is that I almost bought a contract at this apartment. I go on hikes everyday and that could of very likely been me! everyday I find little miracles that heavenly father has givin me from directing me to the right apartment to roomates to school.What a terible thing to happen, although my heart goes out to this girl and her family I am so grateful that I didn't have to experience that.When I was looking for apartments I was sold on this one the day I went to sign the contract I had a really bad feeling about it and at the last minute I backed out, it was crazy to back out considering I needed to find a place to live in a week! I'm so glad I didn't chance that feeling.The lord blessed me in leading me to the apartment I am in.It sounds silly but I truly think I was meant to be in this apartment I have had the time of my life with these girls! and have met so many people and had so many adventures I couldn't imagine any other way.The lord watches out for his children. and
he does. - Provo student attacked, raped; police search for suspect - Provo student attacked, raped; police search for suspect

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


1-The number of times I have been sky diving
2-The number of countries I have been in
3-The number of times I trip a day
4- The number of vacation I want to go to each year
5- Number of cell phones I have owned
6- Dance classes I have attempted
7- Races I have ran/walked
8- Number of jobs I have had since I was 15
9- Scars I have on my body from wild adventures

10- Number of awesome people in my family
11-New people I meet everyday
12-Number that is too early to go to bed before
13-Number of black shirts I own (majority of my clothes are emo due to dress code)
14-Number of the cutest nieces and nephews you will ever see!
15-Number of times I have gone vacationing to my favorite place LAKE POWELL
16- Times I have pranked people
17-Number of things to add to my bucket list
18- Number of proposals I have had in Provo
19- Number of camping trips I have been on
20-Possibly the number of hours I watched LOST
21- The number I wish I still was
22- Number of my street address, oh and my current age

And a partridge and in a pear tree. Oh how I did not want to turn 22 although it is my favorite number and the number on my volleyball jersey in high school it is a number I have dreaded. 22 seems so old to me, but all in all I have had 22 awesome years! Full of so much adventure! Another year another chapter in my life, up to this point I have had a life full of experiences, growth, happy , sad, heartbreakin and love makin ;)...ok myabe not love makin but I have come to love people and accept them for who they are. I have learned so much and I can wait to see what year 22 brings for me!