Tuesday, February 23, 2010

(Dear Amy
Happy Valentines Day!
I hope you had a wonderful Valentines day
I really missed you on sunday
Maybe we can spend the next Valentines day together
Amy I want you to know that I really look up to you
I wish I had your blue eyes
I wish I had your fashion clothes
I wish I had your fit body
I wish I had a great paying job like you
And I wish I had your smarts
But most importantly I mostly wish We would squeeze a little time together and have fun like we used to.
I wish i had more pictures of us, so i could put them in my scrapbook
I love you amy. and always will when ever we argue about something
/aly oh and p.s. i'm sorry for annoying you.)

I found this note on my night stand when I got back from Costa Rica...break my heart I'm a terrible sister!She is so funny though, I don't think anyone secretly wants my "fit body" "smarts" and "great paying job" ha ha ha ha ha !

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I stumbled upon this blog http://www.rachelthurston.com/travel/peru.php
-And I miss it, I saw all of those things in Peru.
-I want to go back.
-I have a story from there that is dear to my heart
-It's called Anderson
-I met a little boy named Anderson in Peru.
-He was adorable.
-I met him at church on Sunday I was sitting on a bench listening to Spanish hymns
-He was sitting with his primary class nervously waiting to perform the primary program.
-Our eyes met and for a minute that 3 year old boy sat still.
-I then winked at him
-He winked back
-Heart melted
-He blew me a kiss I blew him one back
-He raised his eyebrows up and down in a very "eh,eh" manner
-I did it back
-By this time the whole congregation is aware of us
-then he smiles.. ah one silver caped tooth ...beautiful.
-After the program he ran from the stand
-Came right to my bench and put my face in his cubby little hands
-And patted one of my cheeks
-My friend Peru leaned over and told he was up for adoption and he came to the mission house the other day to get his picture taken for the adoption website.
-Heart melted
-that night while I was on the phone with my mom I asked her if I could adopt a little brother...named Anderson
-She told me sure but, you have to take him with you when you move out
-We walked home from church together until we came to his street.
-I gave him a hug and he walked down the other Alley with his mom.
-I walked away with no little brother.
-Sometimes I think about Anderson and the people of Peru.
-Someday I will go back