Thursday, July 30, 2009


I first spotted this disaster at the classic mom store...Joann’s ...and it has happen the Kate Gosselin hair has hit and it has hit hard. After my first backwards mullet spotted I spotted 3 more mom's with this haircut! Please ladies! Tell me this business in the back and party in the front do’ is not attractive, dare I say desirable???? …NO not attractive! Every time I see that woman on TV. I want to take a razor and piece the heck out of that front right piece. Please spare yourself from repeat humiliation and please spare me from having to cut this awkward haircut on you….I can’t just picture it now…

Amy- “so how are we cutting your hair today”?
Client- “You know that mom who has the 8 kids and ex husband named Jon?”
”I want that cut …you know Marine-buzzed up the back, newly spiked on top, with a long chunk of bangs.”
I may be forced to give the client what they want but secretly in my head I will be thinking…U.G.L.Y. that hair ain’t got no alibi, YA YA it’s Ugly. (Bet ya 5 bucks that song just got stuck in your head ;)
-And the pictures are just some eye candy ...Warning not everyone can pull this hair off ...not even Rhianna