Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Break Ma heart my ach-ee breakie heart!

Ok I need all you married woman’s help how do I persuade the male???
Conflict: Halloween costume
Solution: ?
So I had this ingénues idea for me and my Bo’s Halloween costumes… only the best idea eva! HANNA MONTANA & BILLY RAY! I love this idea only to bad for me cause Bo is not going for it , He was white trash last year and doesn’t want to be it again seeing how he is very much the opposite of white trash its going to be hard to persuade him…and also seeing how he hates Halloween and dressing up this is going to be really really hard. Any ideas? I showed him this picture and turns out this were not appealing to him at all???? Weird??? ha-ha


Friday, October 17, 2008

She’s 12!!!
I can’t believe it! My little sister which we call Bean is 12 wow! For her birthday we went to Wingers why? Because she had never been there and thought it was such a magical place. Which it turned out to be because she got her first cell phone and first American eagle brand clothes. I started to think back on little Miss Aly and how 12 short years ago she was born and how blissfully happy me and my sister Becca were. We so badly wanted a little sister we begged our parents to no end! But they always said that 7 kids were plenty and that they were done. Well SURPRISE!!! My mom went in for a check up because she wasn’t feeling right and they discovered a little bean was in the oven before they had announced this news me and my sister asked my dad if we could pray for another sibling and knowing my mom was already Prego my dad said sure. So we prayed day and night at every dinner “Please bless mom will be pregnant?” ha-ha and then on my 8th birthday I received one free gift certificate for a little sister redeemable October 16th 1995! Yay! You would have thought Becca and I had died and gone to heaven! My older sibling were slightly turned off seeing how they were in high school and that may not have been cool. But none the less they had Aly my mom 39 my dad 43! And I am so glad she completed our family as the 8th child! Being the only two left at home now I would have gone crazy just me and my parents! Aly is such a funny person she has this unique ability to write and say hilarious things one of our families favorites that we still say to each other to this day is “Fish it up pingee” she told that once to me when she was mad also some good lines of hers” I think my speed bumps are growing in” “my moms face is as soft as the fuzz on a peach” “What’s a pen….is?” (That’s one for you Michelle) “She was as soft as a wiener dog’s paw, and as light as a lamb.” “Oh ya will your hair isn’t even real!” (That one cut me deep) And many more that we still repeat to this day When she was Two or so she burnt both of her hands on a wood burning stove at my aunts house and had both of her hands wrapped for several weeks and when she got mad and she couldn’t scratch she would bite me and everyone else my mom was asked to not bring her back to nursery because she bit all the kids. Random things about Aly:
-she lost her front teeth at age 2
-The first song she learned was Brittany Spears “ Hit me baby one more time”
-she once got out of the tub and put a whole container of Vaseline on her head, her hair didn’t grow for a long time!
-Her favorite car is a purple mini van
- She is very loving and smart, and is a fast reader. She loves to play with our nieces and take care of them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funny things I have heard at work recently:

This blog will be dedicated to the fine women and men I work with .I should have started this along time ago with all the hilarious things I hear but I will continue to add…being at the front desk I hear all and know all to much probably, This may not be funny to anyone else though 
So my desk is right by the refrigerator and that is where the magic happens what else is there to keep you entertained all day at work than FOOD! And my work buys unlimited supplies of pop which everyone around here drinks but lately there has been a shortage and you would have thought we ran out of water or toilet paper, actually they would probably take running out of toilet paper rather than running out of pop! So lucky for them I go pick it up and when one of my co-workers discovers this she opens the fridge and says: (keep in mind there is a door separating us so I can only see half of this and she doesn’t know I am right there) in a hushed loving tone she whispers to her diet coke.. “awww…Nectar of the gods!” I laughed to myself  as she most likely caressed it like she had been handed her first born child, moral of the story “Absence makes the heart grow fonder!” hahahaha
2nd funny thing I have heard, someone asked me “ How’s it goin?” and I said “I’m hangin in there” and they said “ “In the south they say I’m hangin in there like a hair on a biscuit” and then they just walked away …what the? Gross or funny? :)

OK by request only am i posting this sucker:)And because only my sister Michelle finds great humor in my ridiculous life:) ok i really was just waiting for my friend to post pictures because you would get better visual but here it is:)

(Suicide Awareness Walk) (Ok really it’s called AFSP American Foundation Suicide Prevention)
Last Saturday me and my amigos did a walk for suicide awareness…why? I don’t know why it was kind of random… But we did. I had no idea there was such a walk for suicide Awareness??? So basically this walk consists of maybe 100 people walking 1 mile around 25th street so we sign in and get our sexy red t- shirts then we get to sit in hot plastic chairs in the hot hot sun as a suicide attempt-ee tells us his story of his trials and his victories to over come them. We have a moment of silence then suicide attempt-ee leads us in our 1 mile walk. Along the walk is people about every 25 steps with hand made poster of facts of suicide victims my favorite fact: “More woman attempt suicide but more men go through with it.” ( not actual words but I forgot the numbers) so pretty much women are failures all around we want to kill ourselves therefore failing at life and then we don’t complete it therefore failing once again. Ha-ha I guess props to men for actually completing something (in a sick twisted way) Any who we were rewarded for our torturous walk with warm water, granola bar, and life savers with a little AFSP flyer oh and I almost forgot a rubber orange bracelet. All in all it was good, we got a free t-shirt some sun a little exercise and good feeling all over knowing…?.....? Knowing…..? We walked….uh…not really sure how we helped people who are thinking about committing suicide??? And come to find out that suicide attempt-ee who gave the speech about turning his life around was put in Jail on Monday. SO not sure that walk did any good but make for a memorable Saturday and a good laugh

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wanted: one running car

Life is funny sometimes ins't it ...or should i say more ironic:) and i have been due for a trial life has been pretty chill... and this trial came in the foirm of my car! noted i just paid my car off about a month ago.So About a week or so ago my car over heated on the top of 20th street in an intersection and if you can believe it i have actullay had two other cars die in that exact magical place its almost like the car knows what would be the most miserable place for you to break down...Car: aaww yes! this will get her i will stop working on top of a steep hill in an intersection! and if that dosen't get her i will stop working right when the light turns green causing cars to back up down the hill and honk at her and people going around her will give her dirty stares and make her cry as she calls her dad panicking! mwahhaha!!:) so this story now takes on a book of mormon cycle where i am grateful prideful then humbled. So two lovely young men come to my rescue pushing me outta the intersection which = grateful. then i get a little prideful because they came to my rescue becuase of course i'm good looking jk but i was a little confident that my car would be just fine then i am struck down with humility when as i was being pushed through the intersection i see a truck coming right for me full speed and i really thought i'm going to die we are all going to die! the truck is going to hit me then my car is going to run over the other two lovelies!!! i actually considered jumping outta my car but there wasn't enough time!plus if i did i couldn't be on the front page of the news paper, no one gets recogintion and a purple heart for jumping out early:) my thoughts were inturuppted by the shouts of the lovelies saying "OH S#$&! OH S@%#!" and then a mircale happened! the car saw me and started to pound on its brakes making a screeching sound and swerving and barely missing us! and then i was humbled and thankful!i was pushed to safety i thanked the lovelies! and my awesome dad came and towed me away! my car was supposidly "fixed" but surprise again when i took it to go to SLC for a GNO and it started smoking through the vents green ooze exploded all over my hood! and i was yet again towed to home. the last week or so i have been in a humbling state as i have relied on the family junker cars to take me to and fro, one has no driver seat belt buckle so i have to buckle it to the passenger side and hold all of the gears in or else it will pop out it has no air conditioning and luck would have it it was 85 degrees ( and rising :) the radios don't work and they all have high pitched sounds coming from them, but life is still good! i'm alive! now after hearing this tragic story i hope you all will feel pity on me and help me find a new car:)