Monday, June 22, 2009

He says...

I laugh like this .... i beg to differ :)

I heart chocolate

It's true I love love love chocolate! So when I found this recipe on NieNie’s blog for the best chocolate cake ever I knew I had to make it! …and when I say I …I mean Bo I can cook things but he’s so much better at it 31/2 hours and about $17 bucks later here is the finished product it tasted delicious and weighed about 8 pounds and eating one slice will probably make me gain 8 pounds! Non the less it was so worth it! Thanks Bo!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A series of unfortunate events….

It all started when I went shopping at Ross (which we all know most disasters happen when you shop there) while browsing the merchandise I spotted a girl holding a really cute buckle imitation shirt, I tracked down the rack and bought 2 shirts they were longer shirts and were pretty darn cute. Later that night I tried them on again to find the front was a little longer than the back. Now if you have ever shopped at Ross this is probably not that uncommon, Ross is the only store that you would find the crotch of the pants missing the whole zipper area or one arm of a jacket is shorter than the other arm, so I didn’t think to much of it but It still bothered me and the more I looked at it the more I noticed that the front was a little baggier than the rest of the shirt so I took a gander at the tag and sure enough it was a MATERNITY shirt! Turns out both shirts were maternity(In my defense they were an extra small ) so had to take them back, my mom told me to just wear them but I refused to wear a maternity shirt with our being pregnant plus what if the tag was hanging out or what if my shirt magically came off …um…embarrassing.. Any- who 2nd unfortunate event happen upon taking the shirts back I pulled into to the parking lot to find two girls making out and swaying to Garth Brooks. Really?! when did this become acceptable?!? I’m assuming the swaying was brought on by the two beers and the bouquet of flowers on the trunk …and who knows what brought on Garth Brooks, all I know is he will never sound the same  So I tried to wring that out of my mind and made the exchange only to have to cashier look at me in a sadden way that I was returning my maternity clothes, I wanted to say “No lady I did not loose my baby , I just can’t read” but I took the sympathy look and left. (Lovers still making out) 3rd event happened at the mall. You know those plants placed statically around the mall in those big brown pots? Well did you know those things are real??? And that someone had just watered them not sure how It happened but I brushed one of them and the leaf was full of water and dumped on my pants and into my shoes …really?! I called it a day and headed back to work .I haven’t had a series of unfortunate events like that since I tried to defuse my hair but that is another story for another post 