Friday, December 26, 2008


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What are the odds that my dad read my blog..yikes apparently my brother thought it was funny and showed it to him (Bubba has been ratting me out since i was 5!) but good news my dad thought it was funny and wanted to put ..his..journal? and also wants me to read it at his funeral ...fur sure dad...fur sure :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only my dad...

Only my dad would make a long trip to good ol Scipio property to cut down Christmas trees. And only my dad would find the ugliest tallest bush like shrub/tree cut it down and place it in our living for all so see. And only my dad would place outside multi colored lights VERTICALLY on that bush. And only my dad would not care that the neighbors can see it from the street because it is protruding from the wall out to the center of our living room. And only my dad would laugh and tell us "He wished we had more Christmas spirit" as me and sister Becca are crying in the corner of the room due to embarrassment and the gawking neighbors. And only my dad would buy the hands down ugliest outside wal-mart blow up Santa and reindeer to place on our front lawn? nope! the roof of course logically Santa would be placed on the roof ( no dramatization was used in the making of this post).And only my dad would not fuss if that Santa blew off the roof and the rope holding it down strangled it as it was hanging off the roof. And only my dad would smile and "Say i wish you had Christmas spirit" as me and my sister cried watching our last ounce of dignity/popularity be hung with the Santa and reighndeer.and only my dad would cut his thumb cutting Christmas trees this year and have to have surgery today so in honor of him and his thumb this post is for you dad for with out you I would have never learned popularity is not determined by what decor is on your roof. I would have never learned that real trees smell so much better than fake. I would have never learned that by cutting his thumb open aflack provided funds for Christmas :) (Thanks for taking that bullet).And I would have nothing to write about today. THANKS DAD! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008


Everyone from church has noticed, all my co-workers have noticed, the girls at the beauty supply have noticed, all extended family members have noticed even the Fed ex delivery man that comes to my office has noticed… so I am just going to put this out in the open so you don’t have to question anymore or quietly whisper your neighbor and stare at me for long periods of time (not that I mind that)…I am coming out with an official statement that yes in deed my hair has not grown 15 inches over night, and in fact I have got me some fake hair. And I know 100 questions just popped up in your head and your dying to separate my hair and take a good look into my luscious locks. So lets dispel some rumors : My hair is human hair real CLEAN hair , it is attached with little plastic beads clamped in, there are 100 stands clamped in, I can wash it dry it curl it everything they don’t hurt but they do get tangle-ee  these are the most common questions and my answers I am doing extensions now at my salon so any questions let me know also my little sister took the liberty to tell everyone at our extended family thanksgiving that I had fake hair before I got there , thanks Aly otherwise that would have been way awkward when they saw my long hair ;) -pictures and more forthcoming