Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ok this is just random but how funny is this random facts:

Warnings :Jumping just before the elevator hits the bottom is not a viable alternative, as proved by the Mythbusters. Sure, when you jump you slow down, but when the elevator crashes you're a few feet in the air and still traveling very fast downwards, so by the time you hit the bottom you've picked up all the speed you lost through jumping. Wasted effort!

How to win a street fight....don't ask why i looked this up...:)
How to win a street fight: Call Chuck Norris and if he is not available these might help?:)

Warnings Fighting can cause injury or death, and land you in jail.
StepsBe aware of your environment. Aside from various objects that can be used as weapons and traps, knowing where to run is very important--especially when you're outnumbered. Use all of your senses fully. Don't just look around directly--use shadows and reflections to your advantage.
Err on the side of caution by assuming the following: Your opponent is a better fighter, and has backup; They have a blunt or edged weapon, such as brass knuckles or a knife; and you will be hit. Be ready to take a punch.
Walk away from the fight. Although perhaps obvious, the most sure-fire way to "win" in a street fight is to not fight one altogether. In the vast majority of cases, there will be some sort of warning before actual physical aggression occurs. If you can resolve a dispute without having to fight, do so. Don't let your ego get in the way of your safety. In a verbal dispute that has the potential to become violent, stay calm and take a firm but apologetic approach. Be neutral and non-confrontational. For instance, if a guy accuses you of looking at his girlfriend, you can just apologize and say that she looked like someone you used to know. He now has only two options:

Accept your apology, and maybe even apologize back. If this happens, all is well. Is it that hard to apologize to some jerk (even if you don't mean it) to avoid a fight? If the situation seems to be resolved, remember never to turn your back on the aggressor. It is wise to take 2-3 steps backward and then turn. Always be ready for a sucker punch.
I thought since i have been so helpful in the smoke detector situation i would keep providing helpful hints:) ....

Put your room keys and flashlight in your shoes before you go to bed. If you need to leave your room during a fire, you want to be sure to bring your keys and flashlight, and while you don't want to waste time dressing, shoes can make your escape easier. Keep them together, and hopefully you'll remember them. If your hotel has multiple keys for different doors, make sure you know which keys open which doors, and label them if necessary. Bring all keys with you if you have to leave your room, because you may not be able to exit some doors without them. You may also find that your room is the safest place to be, and you'll need your key to get back in.

Feel the door with the back of your hand. Don't open the door without first feeling it. The back of your hand is very sensitive to heat, and by using it you also won't risk burning your palm or finger tips. If the door or doorknob is hot, the fire is probably right outside. If that's the case, don't open the door. Even if the door isn't hot, get ready to slam the door quickly shut if you need to.

Stay in your room if the fire is in the hall blocking the exits, or if the hall is filled with heavy smoke. Even if flames are not present, thick smoke will kill you, so unless your room is on fire or also filled with heavy smoke, you're probably better off staying inside.

Fill the bathtub with water. Use an ice bucket, trashcan, or suitcase to throw water onto the door or any other hot surface or spot fire in the room. If you have a fire extinguisher in the room, or if you're able to safely get one from the hallway, keep it close at hand and be ready to use it.
Create a mask by wetting a towel or article of clothing and tying it around your nose and mouth. Remember, smoke inhalation is deadly, and most fire fatalities are caused by smoke or toxic gas inhalation. Do all you can to minimize the amount of smoke you're exposed to.

Count the doors to the exit, and stay on the same side of the hall as the exit. If you've planned your escape route when you checked in you should know how many doors you have to pass, and you'll be able to find the exit even if you can't see a thing.

Where's the fire

So yesterday morning i wake up to this loud screeking noise ringing through out the house about every 2 minutes!Come to find out it was our smoke detector i put up with this all morning until i couldn't take it anymore and had to do something about it! sooo.... i called for my mom to help me shut it off and when I say "help me" I mean I sat down the hall way in my room on the floor doing my hair. So my cute little mom is teetering on a chair on the top of the stairs trying to turn it off when she announces "ok I have turned it off!" 3 seconds later it beeps:) funny to me not funny to her she was so mad and didn't understand, if she took the batteries out why was is still beeping??? so being the helpful daughter I am I sat there and merely suggested she find the restart button and push it. She said there was no restart button so once again being helpful I laughed ...and told her about the episode of friends where pheobe can't turn off her smoke detector. Haha ha suprisingly this did not help the situation? but i was punished for not being more helpful because evrytime i went up or down my stairs it beeped right as i passed it! not my best!:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

SO we went to the movies the other night and as we were walking out we saw this sign and...This pretty much sums up the story of our lifes!:)Me Chris and Kellie have been known to be a friend stealer,Boy stealer,Center of attention stealer,thunder stealer,Stealer of good looks and charms,destiny stealer,puppy stealer...if you don't have a puppy we will buy you one for your birthday and then steal it from you.And most likely if you become our friend you will loose everything near and dear to you:) also we are fake...gotta love those friends who are still stuck in high school:) But through it all we have remained three best of friends! I love these girls!and there is no other girls i would rather be "wicked" with than with you two! mwahaha!!!
Ok so you all are probably thinking i don't know how to add a stupid picture at this point because all of my pictures are a post...well it's not me.For some reason i can't put more than one picture to a post and i can't get the pictures on any other way besides making a new post for each one:(


FlAsH BaCk!

Every year since I can remember my uncle Danny has invited our extended family to come swimming at his house. So this last Saturday was the day! It was so much fun playing with my nieces all day! As I watched them I realized how fearless they are. They were jumping off the diving board, and going down the slide head first without any hesitation. And I had a crazy flash back...THE SLLIDE DUN DUN DUN! Something I haven't thought about in a really long time. I have never had stitches or a broken bone but one injury I have had was on that slide. I remember I was about 6 or 7 when I got enough courage to go down the slide I was really terrified of it, and it took alot for me to climb those 13 metal steps to the top. As I peered over it I realized everything was a 1,000 miles away from me! AAHH! so being the chicken shiz that I am I decided to climb back down I don't really remember what happened but I fell off the top stair of the slide and hit my head really hard and my arm! I got to sport a blue sling for a week or so after. Due to the pain and embarrassment I experienced I decided I would never back down from an opportunity to go down the slide again ...literarily