Monday, March 28, 2011

Day TWELVE (ha)

I know! I pretty much took the weekend off, I worked all saturday -day and then came back home to Provo stayed up waaay to late and then hit the ground runnin sunday! sunday is by far my busiest day of the week! but one of the best days as well. Sugar -still strong- scriptures-been doing better than expected! I just need to make it through finals and life will be sweet! just a little picture that basically sums up this semester

yep thats my giant white board calendar and yep it is a month behind and its almost April! don't worry I just updated it, but thats how I have been feeling lately not enough time for anything not even to update myself ha! In other random news I have a huge stress in my life (besides a battle with sugar ) Patt Neff

my turtle. yep my 50 cent piece size turtle who plays dead all the time I constantly worry about this turtle dying I always find him floating on his back in the morning stiff as a board worry about him all day to come home to him basking in the heat lamp like nothing ever happened! I strongly dislike animals Patt was a christmas gift from a friend and I honestly thought I would hate it but... I don't know why but I have seriously never cared for a dumb animal like I do for Patt ha ! and it stresses me out! I make sure he is feed has his heat lamp and clean water all the time I worry if he is lonely.... yikes I gotta get out :) the pictures above are of Patt trying to get as much sun as possible and the other of him doing yoga a rare but priceless thing :)

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