Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Do you want the good news or bad news first ???....good ok. Good news: I will be getting my scripts tomorrow ! Bad news: I had a taste of satans syrup (A.K.A. sugar) before you get all sorts of dissapointed in me let me explain! I was in charge of enrichment this month and had the awesome idea to have the bishopbric teach us how to make dutch oven everything was great! great turn out ! great food! everything was perf. until dessert time pecan peach cobble and raspberry with vanilla ice cream ahhhh! it looked so good but I was going to stick with my 21 days everyone was on my case to try it!! I tried to decline but it had to be done so I tasted it and oh it was gooood! but oh how I felt like a failure that dumb peer pressure could make me cave! contrary to popular belief I am not an attention seeker and I hate when the attention is directed on me ...without me seeking it:) so frankly to deal with the deep down embarrassment of everyone looking at me and egging me on to try it .. I simply did... but now I feel like crap and will not falter again so there is my downfall on day 8 almost half way there. Am I dissapointed? ya Will I keep tryin? youbetcha!

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